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March 20, 2023

Letter: Kindergarten readiness and the importance of parental involvement

This is the time of year many Gilroy parents are getting ready for their children to start their educational journey. For many children, this means starting kindergarten. Kindergarten is a big step for both children and their parents, and it is important for families to understand the role they play in their child’s academic success.

Kindergarten readiness involves both social-emotional and academic skills. Social-emotional skills, such as developing healthy goodbyes, being a team player, and managing emotions, are just as important as academic skills like familiarity with letters and numbers and fine motor skills. A balance of these skills is key to a successful transition to kindergarten. To support their child’s social-emotional development, parents can encourage positive relationships with others, encourage healthy self-expression, and help their child learn how to manage their emotions in positive ways. In addition, parents can practice saying goodbye to help their child prepare for the separation from home to school.

When it comes to academics, parents can support their child’s development by reading to them regularly, counting and identifying numbers, and practicing writing letters. Fine motor skills can also be developed through activities such as coloring, cutting and playing with manipulatives. 

If you are looking for a school that values kinder readiness and recognizes the importance of parental involvement, consider St. Mary School. Our experienced teachers and supportive community will provide your child with the foundation they need for academic success and a love of learning.

At St. Mary School, we understand the importance of both social-emotional and academic skills for kindergarten readiness. But no matter where your child goes to school, you play a big role in their success. Make sure they have the skills they need to start their educational journey on the right foot.

Marcee Ervin, Principal

Christine Cumbo, Kinder Teacher

St. Mary School

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