Letter: Make Gourmet Alley bigger and better


It looks like some people want to get a grant to do some new work on the alleyway between Fifth and Sixth streets, somewhat like the work done with Gourmet Alley. I wonder where the grant will come from? Sounds and looks expensive!

Maybe it’s to give the new bell they are putting in the paseo between the two streets. The pole is already installed and won’t be talked about in the future. It’s already been there for months, you can see it right around the corner from the Dispatch office.

The bell is going in and they want to get it done right away. There will be no more discussion on this matter, period! What would Father Serra think?

Even the front of the Dispatch may get a new facelift! I can’t wait, let’s make Gourmet Alley bigger and better. The alley does look terrible; it has needed to be paved for years. Why didn’t some genius think of this sooner, it even has parking!

So who pays for the grant? The taxpayers, the city, the state, private parties? Who cares, as long as it gets done right. I just wonder why did it take so long to get it done in the first place. At least the Dispatch and the paseo will look better.

Daniel Garcia


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