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December 7, 2022

Letter: Party of Lincoln doesn’t care

The Gilroy Dispatch, I guess, doesn’t like me any more. I could care less. I have seen it all before, nothing new here!

Democrats are not trying to deceive anybody! Every time a Democrat takes office, why are we always fixing the economy?

This has been going on since before Reagan was in office. Does Michael Hogan (Gilroy Dispatch Letters, Aug. 26) live in Gilroy? No! He is from Monterey County. Is Dr. Hogan the new voice of the Dispatch? I don’t think so. I’m glad I am not one of his patients.

I like all the numbers he is pulling out of nowhere. But it looks good on paper. We got all this killer inflation from Trump, and what will his party do about it? Maybe they will privatize it. The answer: “Nothing.” Just make it worse. Why not give more money to the rich and wealthy, maybe that will fix it with tax breaks.

Tax breaks for the rich, forget it. Better standards for health care, no! Only the troops get everything, and they don’t care about them enough so that’s out too.

More guards on the border, even though there’s too many already? So how are the GOP and their crackpot agenda supposed to help you? Will they give us better gas prices? No! Cheaper rent or groceries? No! They’re too busy trying to steal the elections now, great.

So don’t bother me about inflation. The party of Lincoln doesn’t care.

Daniel Garcia


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