We understand no one likes energy bills that are higher than expected. Heat waves are causing customers to crank up their AC, which can lead to higher energy bills. 

PG&E does not add any mark up on the energy we buy for customers, neither gas nor electric. What we pay, you pay. Yet, the market prices for energy supply costs are expected to be 75% higher this summer compared to last year. 

Customers can take simple steps to reduce energy usage and lower costs. 

• Pre-cool the home: Use the AC in the morning or overnight. 

• Set thermostat at 78 degrees or higher, health permitting when home. 

• Change air filters regularly: A dirty air filter makes the AC system work harder, using more energy. •

 Close window coverings: Keep blinds and curtains closed to prevent the sun’s rays from heating the home. 

• Enroll in free programs including Bill Forecast Alerts, and Budget Billing to spread energy costs evenly throughout the year. 

For more tips on how to save this summer, visit pge.com/summer

Teresa Alvarado

Vice President of PG&E’s South Bay/Central Coast Region

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