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December 7, 2022

Letter: Gas taxes wasted on public sector transit

How much sooner would we have highway improvements if we didn’t waste gas taxes and vehicle fees on boondoggle public sector transit? If we didn’t run all those empty buses around? If we didn’t pretend that public sector transit was beneficial, and cover up the truth about the actual insolvency of public sector transit?

How many fewer accidents, injuries and deaths would we have if gas taxes were spent on highways, not diverted to unsound, unsustainable, unfair public sector transit?

How much money could we save if we just bought every transit rider his own BMW or Mercedes? Or, if we required them to take private sector carriers, such as Uber, Lyft, shuttles, taxis? How much of our gas taxes and other taxes go to pay the accumulated pension obligations of public sector unions who feast off the taxpayers and motorists moving those empty buses around?

Caveat viator.

Joe Thompson

Charter Member, SBCCOG Citizens Transit Task Force, SBCCOG Citizens Rail Advisory Committee

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