Despite the fact I have some good friends calling out for the resignation or recall of Councilmember Rebeca Armendariz, I believe the tone and volume of these calls to be poorly based and hasty.

My perspective is of someone who lives in the country and who has seen how easy it is for a celebration to be overwhelmed by hotheads. This might be difficult for city-dwellers to understand because in urban areas neighbors are quick to see when people get unruly and police will probably be called promptly.

Twice we were spared consequences when there was a potential for trouble. The first was when one of our daughters had a couple of girlfriends stay for a sleepover. Word spread within the high school that there was a party happening, and some cars full of boys and beer pulled up—they came to the door, but were denied entry, so they walked around the house and banged on a sliding door and windows. Our daughter was in tears, and the next day cans and bottles were strewn around the property.

More recently, a 19-year-old house sitter decided to have friends out for a party. He had no permission to do so, and seemingly no understanding of the potential liability for us. Again, many cans and bottles were left behind and our liquor cabinet was raided.

So the councilmember’s predicament could have been mine. I have not met Ms. Armendariz, but I have observed her at council meetings and she always seemed to be completely involved in the proceedings. I’m pleased Gilroy has a diverse representation on the council and I think it would be a big mistake to unseat someone on the basis of a situation that got out of hand, particularly when there will likely be many who perceive the action as unfair and motivated by unspoken factors.

Phill Laursen


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