MHPD patrol car involved in traffic accident

Wrecked patrol car

A Morgan Hill police patrol car was involved in a four-car collision at a busy intersection last week, and authorities said an investigation will determine who was at fault in the accident. 

Morgan Hill officers were dispatched to the intersection of Monterey Road and W. Edmundson Avenue in response to the collision about 9 p.m. Thursday, according to a press release from MHPD Sgt. Troy Hoefling. 

Officers determined that a 17-year-old male who was driving a Nissan XTerra west on Tennant Avenue (which becomes W. Edmundson Avenue on the west side of Monterey Road) collided with the left side of the patrol car, Hoefling said. The patrol car, which was driven by a Morgan Hill police officer, was traveling south through the intersection on Monterey Road. 

Immediately after the collision, the patrol car traveled into the eastbound lane of W. Edmundson Avenue and collided with a Toyota Camry and Ford Expedition, both of which were stopped for a red light, Hoefling said. 

The Toyota and Ford suffered moderate damage, while the Nissan and patrol car suffered extensive damage, Hoefling said. 

The patrol car was damaged on the left side, consistent with a broadside impact, according to California Highway Patrol Officer Erica Elias. The police car also suffered front-end damage due to the collision with the two vehicles stopped at the red light. 

The drivers of the Toyota – a 30-year-old female – and Ford – a 38-year-old male – were uninjured and drove their cars away from the scene after the initial investigation, authorities said. 

The officer and 17-year-old involved in the collision were transported to Saint Louise Regional Hospital and medically cleared later that night, Hoefling said. 

The preliminary investigation did not reveal any signs of intoxication by any of the involved parties, police added.

The CHP continues to investigate who was at fault and whether or not any vehicle code violations contributed to the accident, Elias said.

The 17-year-old driver told investigating officers that he was not driving west on Tennant Avenue at the time of the impact, but Elias said the evidence and witness statements might prove him wrong. 

The patrol car was not responding to an emergency with sirens or emergency flashers on at the time of the collision, Elias added. 

Anyone with information about the accident can contact CHP Sgt. Brian Wittmer at (408) 848-2324. 


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