Rivas introduces bike parking bill


Assemblymember Robert Rivas introduced a bill that was submitted by a Gilroy resident.

AB 3153 would provide a secure place for individuals and families to store their bicycles, while incentivizing active and sustainable transit such as bike and car-share usage. 

The idea for AB 3153 was submitted by Zachary Hilton through Rivas’ “There Ought to be a Law” program. The program offered constituents the opportunity to propose new state legislation this year. 

“All multi-family, residential development bike parking in California is voluntary unless a local jurisdiction has an ordinance,” said Hilton, who is chair of Gilroy’s Bicycle Pedestrian Commission. “Families, young adults, and seniors all need a safe place to store their bikes and incentives to not drive their cars. This bill supports the vision of a healthy California and enhances California’s economy and livability. Long-term bike parking, when combined with car-share, play a key role in providing a safe, sustainable, integrated, and efficient transportation system.” 

Rivas agreed.

“AB 3153 eases parking requirements for residential developers in exchange for additional bicycle or car-sharing parking spaces,” he said. “With the growing concerns around our environment, AB 3153 promotes bike and car-share usage, which are healthier transit options not only for our residents, but for our planet.” 

The bill is currently under review by various committees.