Time for DNA dog poop tests to stop the drop around Mantelli and Calle del Rey


Dear Editor, I was delighted to see the article in last week’s Dispatch about members of an apartment complex in Minnesota having to submit DNA samples from their pets to help identify the owners of dogs who repeatedly left poop on the property.  Here in Gilroy, I am amazed by the frequently left droppings from dogs in the area encompassed by Mantelli, Calle del Rey and the Luigi Aprea School areas.  Just this morning I counted six separate droppings on the sidewalk along the Pacific West Christian School’s side area on Calle del Rey and could not begin to count the piles left on the dirt area long the rest of the school property.  The same holds true along many other streets in the area to the point I don’t dare look up at the lovely surrounding views while walking my dog in the mornings, as I have to be very vigilant about where I step.  

Additionally some neighbors who do pick up the droppings, toss the filled baggies behind someone’s shrubbery or by a light pole. Not only do Gilroy residents have a responsibility to clean up after their pets, they obviously feel no responsibility to respect their neighborhood and fellow residents. Wise up, you guys … tomorrow you just might be the one to step in a pile of it!  Bring on the DNA samples! Signed, Pooped Out Resident,

Jean Summers, Gilroy



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