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February 5, 2023

Tag: gilroy garlic festival

Jimmy Forbis

Guest View: The City’s role in the Gilroy Garlic Festival

Two weeks ago, the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association announced that they would not be moving forward with the traditional large-scale Garlic Festival event for...
garlic festival drive thru gilroy presbyterian church 2021

Association: Garlic festival announcement not tied to Gilroy

Gilroy Garlic Festival organizers were taken off guard Sunday, when an event promoter in San Joaquin County announced that it would host the city’s...
Ken Christopher

Guest View: Fear has ended our annual homecoming

Gilroy Garlic. Over the years, the words have become so synonymous it is hard to think of one without the other. Growing up in...
tom cline gilroy garlic festival drive-thru gilroy presbyterian church

Garlic Festival: ‘Massive’ events no longer realistic

The Gilroy Garlic Festival will not host its traditional event this year or for the “foreseeable future,” organizers announced this week. A series of smaller,...
gilroy garlic festival 2021 gilroy presbyterian church drive-thru

Garlic Festival eyes new venue, events

The rising costs of hosting a massive event have forced Gilroy Garlic Festival organizers to rethink the city’s signature event in a way that...
gilroy garlic festival pyro chefs gilroy presbyterian church

Organizer: New Fresno garlic festival not a competitor to Gilroy

The organizers of a new garlic festival in Fresno County say the event is not meant to rival Gilroy’s long-standing tradition, but rather, is...
gilroy garlic festival pyro chefs gilroy presbyterian church

Gilroy Garlic Festival returns with drive-thru event

Last year was tough for Gilroy Garlic Festival President Tom Cline after the board and festival association decided that the annual festivities had to...

Local Scene: Parking lot meeting, drive-thru Garlic Festival details

Virtual meeting June 24 for downtown parking lot City officials will host a virtual meeting to gather the public’s input on a parking lot proposed...

Editorial: What ails our society?

The May 26 mass shooting at the Valley Transportation Authority’s light rail facility in San Jose has destroyed many families and rocked the county,...

Editorial: The garlic is back

At last, the Gilroy Garlic Festival will have air conditioning. No more baking in the mid-summer heat at Christmas Hill Park, where the temperature on...