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December 6, 2023

CHP Sgt. Adam Rodriguez retires

On Nov. 5, a dispatcher for the California Highway Patrol read a special bulletin over the CHP radio airwaves regarding the retirement of long-standing CHP Sgt. Adam Rodriguez in the Hollister/Gilroy area. Here is part of that dispatch:

“It is with sincerity, fondness and best wishes, the California Highway Patrol family bids farewell to Sgt. Adam Rodriguez, badge number 13678, after more than 27 years of service with the CHP. 

“Starting your career after graduating from the CHP Academy on October 13, 1994, you faithfully began your service to the State of California in the Santa Fe Springs area and then transferred to the Hollister/Gilroy area in 1995 and then to the Coastal Division in 2006. In September 2011 you were promoted to sergeant, bringing your knowledge, unique skills and road experience to the Hollister/Gilroy area and the Gilroy Commercial Vehicle Enforcement facility. 

“You have been the perfect example of CHP pride by demonstrating leadership, commitment, courage and dedication to the community by putting on the first ever tri-county Special Olympics fundraiser. We will always remember your kindness, your true friendship and your gourmet meals. You will be missed greatly; thank you for your bravery and service. You are now home safe my friend.”

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Staff Report
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