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I don’t understand why Mayor Blankley is opposed to virtual public comment for City Council meetings, in opposition to the recommendation by our own Gilroy Open Government Commission. 

By excluding virtual public comment, the City is excluding the voices of Gilroyans who may want to comment in the moment on any particular item. Not being able to respond virtually excludes moms and dads commuting home or fixing dinner for their kids. It excludes folks who have physical limitations which prevent them from attending City Council meetings in person. As someone once said, “We are all temporarily abled!” 

Though Gilroy is a small town, most issues that affect Gilroy are regional: transportation, the unhoused, climate change, water usage, etc. We Gilroyans may not have all the answers! Why not listen to others in our region that may have pertinent information to share, or that may spark creative ideas to make our city better?

Jan Guffey


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