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January 28, 2022

Letter: Just copy Morgan Hill

It was a nightmare on the Fourth of July. As usual, the fireworks got out of hand, but still within reason. The city, not so much.

No more access to the levee. You should have seen the people come from there, and they were mad, frustrated. I don’t blame them. What a scene!

If it’s not broke, why fix it? Everybody across the street now has no more access on Gilroy High School property—so be it—and were told it’s for our safety. When do you ever remember a bad accident at the fireworks show, or is it the scared city?

Yes, like Carol Marques said about the Gay Flag, it’s a slippery slope. Yeah, sure guys. This is our new leadership? First you city guys ruined our downtown. All you had to do was copy Morgan Hill. The parking still is bad, bad, bad.

Next you guys ruined our sidewalks and want us to pay for it. Now the Senior Center is the new Community Center. Poppycock, malarkey, nonsense and wrong.

For years the city has been run a certain way, always in a conservative mode. Nowadays we have the new breed, they buy property then don’t use it. They change the downtown three times in a row, and yet parking sucks, you can’t even ride your bike without getting run down by crazy car drivers.

They promised us a new community center. Morgan Hill has two. We wanted a parking garage. We don’t even have one! Just copy Morgan Hill.

We don’t have enough rich, wealthy high-class high rollers to bankroll the scene. Step up high rollers, you can put your name on it. Save downtown, we need an attraction. Something other than the noise of The District or the brewing building.

We need a new attraction, not just expensive Gilroy Gardens. Till then the mayor might want to change the Senior Center sign the council said no to.

Daniel Garcia,


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