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December 4, 2023

Letter: Leaders need to bring us together

Have you heard of a “dog whistle” in politics? It’s political shorthand for a phrase that may sound OK to some people, but which also communicates something more insidious—a covert appeal to some noxious set of views. 

We just got a political flier from Dion Bracco, showing a handcuffed brown-skinned male. The headline was: “For a Safe Gilroy…” This ad appeals to fear… of people of color. It’s racist! 

Shame on you, Mr. Bracco, for allowing this type of campaign material to go out with your name on it. Despite you claiming “surging crime rates,” Mr. Bracco, your own flier states Gilroy’s crime rate has fallen by 24%! 

In Gilroy, we need leaders who will bring us together, not appeal to fear and distrust.

Jan Guffey


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  1. There is racism and then there is reality. Based on what happened at council “birthing person” Rebeca Armendariz’s house and based on crime stats in Gilroy, the Bracco campaign add is a reality.

  2. The hand on that mailer is white, as white as white can be. My arm is browner and I’m as white as the 11th Earl of Sandwich. Stop shouting “racist” over any and everything to cover up the fact that you have no solutions, no ideas, and no brains.

  3. Another person screaming racism. Sorry, it looks to me that Mr. Bracco just wants a safe community. It is also my observation that the Gilroy Police Department will gladly arrest criminals of any race…now if we could only get DA Jeff Rosen to prosecute them???

  4. Shame is on the people that forget 1 year ago there was a Mass Shooting at a city council persons house. Why publish this junk? I think it’s good to remember the crime that has plagued our city for too long after all the defund the police people. Leaders need to LISTEN, and make informed decisions to lead. They represent the community, it’s the responsibility of the community to bring itself together. We come together to elect the best leaders that represent us. Dion Bracco 2022! 2026! 2030…


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