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June 19, 2021

Tag: city council

Bankrupt, and seeking your vote

Four candidates on Gilroy's ballot have filed for bankruptcy in the past, according to federal court documents.

Council approves habitat plan, GUSD advocates ask for support for Prop...

After a hearty debate with opposition coming from those who have been against it from the start, the final version of the hefty 50-year, $660 million, 2,800 page Santa Clara Valley Habitat Plan was passed on a 4-3 vote during Monday's Council meeting.

Public safety unions taking low profile this election

In a break from politics as usual, the unions of the Gilroy police and fire departments have kept a low profile in endorsing candidates for mayor or City Council, according to those running for office.

Top three choices for City Council

Gilroyans have the opportunity to fill three City Council seats this election and there are five interesting and dedicated people willing to serve. All bring something different to the table. After an extensive interview session, our recommendations became clear.

Red Phone: City does fix streets before homes are complete

“Dear Red Phone, With new building of homes (Dunne, Calle Mazatan and other areas), the builders tear up the road to put in services. These are not minor tear ups. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that they are made to restore the streets to the original state?! Potholes start happening, the road is uneven and now “open” to problems and never look the same. What is required of the builder in that regard after our tax money paid for nice original roads, which we should expect. Thanks!”

Locals cross about lack of crosswalk

From before the time a child learns to talk, he is taught two things about road safety: to look both ways before you cross the street, and to always cross the street at a crosswalk.

Council to discuss rezoning land as ‘high density’

In order to meet certain state requirements of low-income housing, the City Council will discuss at their regular meeting Monday adapting the housing section of the general plan by rezoning 26 acres within the city to “high density residential” raising the minimum unit per acre from 16 to 20 in these areas.

Q & A with mayoral candidate Dion Bracco

Q: Why are you running?

Q & A with mayoral candidate Don Gage

Q: Why are you running?

Fewer than 50 days to convince Gilroy

Two of Gilroy's three mayoral candidates for the Nov. 6 election met individually with the Dispatch Editorial Board Tuesday morning to talk about major issues concerning Gilroy, and to highlight their priorities as Gilroy's next potential leader.