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Gilroy, CA
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Anyone who thinks their vehicle was struck by an object on SR-152 in this area and during the specified time frame is asked to file a police report with the CHP office, if they have not already done so, authorities urged.
The attendees reiterated their intent to hold Gilroy police accountable for Juarez’s death, just a couple days after the Santa Clara County district attorney announced his office had completed an investigation that exonerated the officers involved in Juarez’s arrest.
Gilroy Police earlier this week arrested a young man on suspicion of recently burglarizing two homes.
The judge also ordered a restraining order against Bobian, prohibiting him from being within 300 yards of his accuser for at least one year.
In a brief arraignment at San Jose’s Hall of Justice, Judge Cynthia Sevely raised 43-year-old Sharwian Bobian’s bail from $101,000 to $275,000 and appointed the Public Defender’s Office to represent him.
San Jose police made the arrest at around 10am Feb. 8 after closing in on Bobian around U.S. 101 and Hellyer Road.
Gilroy police have been investigating the home for narcotics sales since 2011, according to authorities.
Accusations that a homeless man sexually assaulted a woman at his makeshift shelter in San Martin remain under investigation, according to authorities. The man has not been charged with a crime, and was released from custody shortly...
A social media threat late Wednesday night caught the attention of Gilroy Police, who determined by Thursday morning the fears of a potential school shooting were unfounded. Late in the evening of Dec. 12,...
You might think of them as the anti-Santa Clauses. Scammers. They're watching, waiting and given the opportunity, they'll make their holidays bright at your expense. But, with good sense, and with some tips from the Gilroy Police...